NETTED PUG Eupithecia venosata
Current status unclear - probably scarce resident as most records have been close to patches of red campion (historically recorded as a food plant).
Rosie observed that is was not uncommon on the coast but no subsequent records until a female trapped in ND13 in 2012, Since then a small number of records mainly from two well monitored sites.
Most records are of the ochracea form found in Orkney (top photo) and 2012 was possibly the first documented record of this form on the UK mainland. One record of a more strongly marked individual (lower photo)
Possibly under recorded because of the lack of field work in optimum coastal habitat.
Scottish Status: Scattered, local commonest in Northern Isles - decline?. UK Status: Local
UK distribution has undergone a severe decline (cf: Atlas of Britain & Ireland's Larger Moths)
First and last flight dates recorded in Caithness: 27th May to 27th June

MAP: red dots last record 2010 to 2019