The purpose of this section is to give an indication of what macro species may be flying in Caithness at any particular time of the year. It is based on the flight times recorded in Caithness and these may differ from the flight seasons published in field guides and other publications which have a UK wide perspective. There can be a wide difference between dates within Scotland let alone compared with the southern parts of UK. Many species which routinely have second generations in the same year in the south have only one in the north.

The flight times of moths is not an exact science. Single species can vary from year to year depending on environmental conditions which can make it a "late" year or an "early" year. Individual moths can turn up outside the "normal" season for the species as a whole and migrants can complicate the matter further.

However, if you identify a moth as a species which is not "normally" flying at that particular time it is always prudent to review your identification and, if necessary, to get a second view. Well worn moths can often appear to be what they are not.

Check the dedicated species page for the exact flight dates recorded in Caithness. Some species may occur at only the very start or end on the month in which they are listed because it occurs at the beginning or end of their flight period.

Clicking on a month name below will lead you to a list of species that may be found during that month. Clicking on the moth name in that list will take you to the moth's dedicated species page. If you wish to return from the species page to the same month listing then click on your computers "back" key.