Anyone can record moths and all records are welcome.

Please remember that at all times the welfare of the moth is of paramount importance. Moths should be kept in confinement for as short a period as possible and released at the point of capture. Do not leave moths exposed to sunlight or other sources of heat. Moths will keep well for a day in a domestic refrigerator.

Correct identification is essential, so if you have doubt about a record do not guess but seek advice from the County Moth Recorder or from another experienced moth recorder. A digital photograph is an excellent way of obtaining confirmation of a record and avoids harming the moth.

All records should be submitted to the County Moth Recorder.

NOTE: Individual records are not detailed on this site but records submitted to the County Moth Recorder will be submitted to national recording schemes. Though national schemes records will be added to the NBN Gateway with full public access.  If you wish restrictions to be made on the use of the data then make this clear to the CMR when originally submitting records. Confidentiality will be respected.

One off records or small batches of records can be submitted either as a written note or by e-mail, but if records are to be submitted regularly it will be helpful if you use the standard recording form obtainable from the County Moth Recorder. This is based on an excel spread sheet which can be completed by computer and e-mailed to the Recorder or completed by hand and submitted by post.

The following information should be submitted for each record if possible (headings in italics are desirable but not essential):

British Check List Number
: if this is known
COMMON NAME: As used in current field guides
Scientific Name: if this is known
SITE OF RECORD: be as specific as possible
GRID REFERENCE: a six figure reference is preferred but two or four figures are acceptable
VICE COUNTY NUMBER: in the case of Caithness this "109"
DETERMINER'S NAME: the name of the person confirming identification is this is not the recorder, otherwise the recorders name
DATE OF RECORD: please use the form dd/mm/yyyy eg 01/01/2010
QUANTITY: the number of individual moths of the recorded species
METHOD: how the moth was recorded eg daytime observation, at lighted window, MV Light Trap, resting on building
SEX: if known, if not known put "unknown"
STAGE: the period in the moths life cycle eg adult, egg, larval

NOTE: If a macro moth species does not have a dedicated page on this web site it has not been recorded in Caithness. All claims for species recorded for the first time in the County must be supported by a good digital photograph or a specimen of the moth.

Some species probably occur in Caithness but have not been accepted on the County list. These species have a dedicated page but the species name is enclosed in square brackets [ ] and the page background is pink. The reason why they have not been formally accepted is given after the species name.