The United Kingdom data base for moth species maintained by the National Moth Recording Scheme is based on six figure National Grid references. National atlases showing moth distribution using that data are produced at the 10km square resolution. Distribution maps at the 2km square (tetrad) resolution are published on this web site but users should remember that maps at 2km resolution will excluded many historical records as these generally do not give such exact detail of location. To compensate this section of the web site gives details of all species recorded in each 10km square. Anyone requiring more detailed information should contact the County Moth Recorder.

Systematic list and nomenclature follow
Agassiz D J L, Beavan S D &
 Heckford R J 2013  A checklist of the Lepidoptera of th British Isles

To view a species list for a 10km National Grid Square click on one of the links below. The figure "0" in the "Individuals" column indicates that the number of individuals observed was not recorded. There are no records for NC92. The lists were last updated on the date shown on each list.

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